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Hi, I’m Jahna, my middle name is Vashti. I was born on Vancouver Island Canada, but grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. I always longed for lush green forests and rain, but love the twinkly lights and culture of a city. So, when I found myself in Portland OR many moons ago, I fell in love. Now I’m all snuggled up here with my two sons and their handsome Dad.

Creating art has forever been what I needed to do, and always will be. My ideas come to me like lightening bolts and trying to explain that is hard for me. I can only say that it feels ancient, and spiritually sound. Having no formal training, I have had to learn to trust myself and embrace my flaws as an artist- and believe me, coming to this place of acceptance was no easy feat.

Growing up I constantly colored. My imagination ruled my every move. The pipes that stretched from the walls that lined the alleys were never just pipes. The tree in the front yard wasn’t just a tree. My father’s favorite car was more than just a vehicle. They were all beings, with a character and a life. So I drew pictures - a lot of pictures. Entering adulthood, I thought my jolly approach to art wouldn’t be taken seriously. Longing to be a “real artist”, I tried tapping into my dark side and ended up with a blank canvas for over a decade. Then I grew up.

I consider myself in the business of joy. Every smile brought to the viewers face is a personal success.